Saturday, 7 January 2017


"Ummi.. Who created the rain? Who created the plants and all animals??" "Allah is the One who created us and them all!
All of them obeys Allah, How About YOU ? "

HOW ABOUT YOU SERIES is amongst our BEST SELLING products which has been the choice of most parents, ALHAMDULILLAH!

This delightfully light weight book of A5 size can be portably brought to anyplace and can be read anywhere!

5 books in 1 series with wonderful fully colored illustrations will definetely capture the eyes of your little ones!

This unformal teachings about science and ALLAH's creations had been used in many kindies and schools as a source of story telling and project learning activities for boys and girls.

Many parents and teachers had purchased this book.. HOW ABOUT YOU??!! GRAB THEM NOW!

RM34 per set of 5 book only!
RM34 per set of 5 book only!
RM34 per set of 5 book only! (exc postage)

Macam mana nak order?
1. Screen shot gambar produk
2. Nyatakan kuantiti dan
3. WhatsApp 018 467 3225

Untuk tempahan sila WhatsApp 018 467 3225 sebelum isi borang di sini

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